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Taylor Alison Swift. 24.
Lover not a fighter. Cat's are cool.
@ameliascags: @taylorswift13: :( do you wanna talk about it?
@taylorswift13: @ameliascags there's not really much to say about it.
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@edsheeran: @taylorswift13 why the frown, sad clown?
@taylorswift13: @edsheeran I'm not frowning more like furrowing. Just annoying with everything and everyone.
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@ameliascags: @taylorswift13: Sometimes I do too. BUT I MISSED YOU.
@taylorswift13: @ameliascags I missed you too, I just haven't been feeling like being around anyone.
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@taylorswift13: Sometimes I really fucking hate this place.
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So, I was being the nerd that I am today, and was looking at Shakespeare facts in my free time, because I can. Anyways, I found out that it was a tradition to throw tomatoes at the actors who acted poorly. But, it turns out that back then, people thought tomatoes were poisonous. So, people would literally throw tomatoes at the bad actors, and try to kill them. It was a time to be alive back then. 


Oh my gosh, really? That’s horrible! Why would they think tomatoes were poisonous? That’s odd. 

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So far my day has consisted of sleeping, then going to the beach to get some sun, sleeping again, being woken up by something hitting my leg, only to hear “Taste the mother fucking rainbow, TASTE IT!” Then seeing it was a rainbow colored dildo. What the fuck is in the water here….


Someone hit your leg with a dildo? Who and why??

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Has anyone read the book Go Ask Alice? If not you totally should, the end gets me every time.

Oh I love that book! I read it in middle school. 

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Someone please hold me and sing me to sleep


Aw, what’s wrong cutie?

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But drinking makes you clumsy. You would get caught in a heartbeat if you tried to steal something when you were drunk.

It depends on what I’m trying to get. If I’m trying to be quiet and get to bed it wont happen but if I’m like sitting on the couch and someone takes my drink I can get it back pretty easily. 

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