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: I will always remember today as the day I cooked dinner, rubbed my eyes, and then learned that jalapeños are NATURE’S PEPPER SPRAY”
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No, you don’t understand! I can’t control it! I can’t let myself do anything! It’s how I feel, it’s my life now. Don’t tell me you understand because you absolutely don’t. The only person who remotely knows what I’m going through is Doc. She understands, and she knows. But she’s still a piece of shit when it comes to helping me. When I keep things bottled up? It makes me feel better than being forced to talk about how I feel. Don’t force me, because now I feel like absolute shit. Stop trying, leave me alone.

I do understand, Harry. Don’t tell me I don’t because I do. Of course you can’t control it because you haven’t been given the tools to be able to do it. If the doctor you have now isn’t giving you those tools maybe you need to find another one, one who can actually help you get back to the real you, someone who’s not going to let you settle for this. It may feel better to keep it all bottled up now but eventually it’ll catch up to you and….and I don’t want to see that happen to you. I know what happens when you get to that point, I’ve been to that point. Please, stop fighting me on this, let me help. Your family misses you…I miss you. 


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@taylorswift13: Taylor Swift and Charlie Cabello @whatsupcharlie for President 2016. We will make naps a requirement in every day life. You're welcome. You heard it here first.
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@whatsupcharlie: kim k app blowing up my phone like dammnnnnnnnnnnn chill
@taylorswift13: @whatsupcharlie I CAN'T STOP IT!
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You know what, i’m like at least 500% sure that crime rates and divorce rates would go down and people would be like twenty times less likely to treat each other like crap. I feel like we need to do this, for sure. Lets run for presidents. 


You’re probably right! People wouldn’t be so cranky all the time, they wouldn’t suddenly snap and murder someone because they were so tired they were going crazy. Yes. Let’s do this. I’m 1000% in. Charlie and Taylor for President 2016!

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Oh. That sucks. I’m sorry. 


It’s fine, it sucks but it’s fine. He’s obviously got something going on that he needs to deal with. I just wish he didn’t have to treat me like shit to deal with it. 

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@ameliascags: If you need something/someone/someanimal to cuddle with, just yell out "Annie!" and my dog will come running. She loves cuddles.
@taylorswift13: @ameliascags i may just have to give that a shot!
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What’s happen?


He’s just being a dick. He basically treats me like I’m going to give him AIDS or something if he’s near me. 

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You’re welcome. Are you okay?


Yeah, just…trying to deal with Harry. 

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